Tenant Screening

Lynn Chan Realty & Property Management property managers always do a thorough tenant screening to protect your real estate rental investment. No landlord or property manager wants to evict a tenant for not being able to make timely monthly lease payments. All applicants are screened for tendencies that indicate the prospective tenant might not be able to pay or would abuse the property.

We are always seeking the most qualified and responsible tenants, to place in our listings and you are relying on our expertise and insight to protect your Las Vegas valley investment properties.

Step 1 – Qualifying The Prospective Tenant:

We minimize the number of evictions we have to conduct by reviewing the following for each applicant:

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  • Credit Check
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Employment Verification
  • Income Verification
  • Rental History Verification
  • One-on-One Interview

The current housing market in Las Vegas has left the majority of Las Vegas homeowners underwater on their mortgages. In addition, we have the largest unemployment rate in the nation. Because of these things, many Las Vegas valley residents have been left with some type of negative mark on their credit, and without a house in which to live. We keep this in mind as we screen tenants. Our screening process looks for other indicators that would show that a prospective tenant may not be suitable to rent, such as previous evictions, credit abuse, unpaid utilities and a history of late payment or any other default patterns.

Step 2 – The Live Interview Process:

The most significant step in our tenant screening process is the live interview conducted by a member of our staff with each applicant.

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After an application has been filled out by prospective tenants, and credit, background and employment checks have been completed, a Property Manager schedules an appointment with the prospective tenants at our office. During the interview we ask specific questions to clarify any questions or concerns we have from our findings.

The interview process allows us to build a rapport with the prospective tenants, so that they can have assurance knowing they are dealing with professional property management company that is mindful of our landlord and tenant relationships.

Occasionally, circumstances dictate that we conduct a phone interview instead of a live one (i.e. in cases where the applicant is moving to Las Vegas and not currently located in town).

Step 3 – The Final Decision Process:

Each applicant is assessed within the laws that govern real estate transactions and we take into account their income, credit, rental history and several other factors from their background check. We comply with local, state and national laws. This includes all fair housing laws.

We then determine if the tenant is approved, approved with a larger security deposit or denied.

While Premier Real Estate accepts input from property owners, we take special precautions to ensure our staff and landlords are not violating anyone’s rights as set forth in the Fair Housing Act.